Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thanks Bill

I have read at least a dozen articles on Albuquerque and the TV series "Breaking Bad" in the last week or so.  All of the stories have great things to say about the Duke City.  The whole world seems to be watching to see how the series ends up, Bobbi and me included.

I had mentioned about a year ago that when we were touring Russia that the show was a big favorite in that country.  When Russians found out we were from Albuquerque they would ask all sorts of questions about our city.  All from a TV show!

Just a quick thanks to Bill Richardson for getting us into the movie making business.  Even the highly right wing Susannah Martinez, after want to kill the program, eventually decided it was a good thing.

Just think, if Obama's healthcare program had been in place then Walter White would not have had to turn into a meth kingpin to pay his cancer treatment bills.

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