Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nothing Sticks

Mayor Berry is Teflon, the Teflon being applied by the Albuquerque Journal.  He says he has guided Albuquerque through tough economic times with a steady hand.  The Journal doesn't really question his lack of action.  Paul Heh, one of his opponents said it was 'bull shit' and pretty much lowered his expected vote from 5% to 2%.  Pete Dinelli didn't get in any killer shots in this last debate.  All of this is being fueled by incredible apathy on the part of the public who can't see that New Mexico and Albuquerque are falling further and further behind in economic growth compared to the other cities and states in the region.  So, we will get what we deserve where 'touchy feely' p.r. pumped candidates win elections.  All form over substance.

Dinelli tried to turn the race into a partisan one by touting his democratic party membership into an asset in front of the staunchly conservative and self serving NAIOP.  Those are the developers who love sprawl and erosion of the environment.  How did this help him?  Maybe it did, but I seriously doubt it.  While the Mayor is a republican supported by the right wing apparatus of the Governor, no one seems to know it or really care.

There has not been one really big original idea put forth in this race to lead New Mexico's largest city.  Dinelli wants to pump more money into the airport, but right after he announced that Frontier Airlines left.  Horrible timing that made Dinelli's campaign researchers look a little lacking.

And the Mayor?  If he has any sort of plan to help us climb out of our economic malaise he is keeping it a pretty good secret.  His like ability will soon disappear if he doesn't deliver some real programs.

And for all us cynics out there, one of my favorite authors, David Brin, opines for us.  Just scroll down to the section titled "an exercise for cynics.'

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Anonymous said...


I think Dinelli is doing a really good job of getting the Democratic base behind him. Everywhere he goes he reminds the Dems just what Berry stands for. Berry doesn't stand for any police that Dems stand for (equal marriage, livable wage, labor etc). So I do think Dinelli is getting the word out that if you are a democrat why would you vote for Berry who was against the minimum wage, against equal marriage rights, against labor unions etc. Democrats need to wake up and realize Berry is ruining this town.

Now I do think the problem with the democrats is at the state level. Where is Bregman? Why isn't he campaigning for Dinelli? King finally stepped forward with the Mary Han press conference, but is he going to follow it up? Talk is cheap and the public demands a special grand jury for Mary Han. Will King do this? And did I say, Where is Bregman? If he wanted the Democratic chair he should start leading and helping Dinelli get elected. Right now Dinelli reminds me of Bob Schwartz when the Republicans ignored him. Schwartz almost won all on his own. Dinelli is could win in a landslide if Bregman and the Democratic leadership would wake up and help!