Monday, August 19, 2013

Natural Order

In our back  yard garden we have an interesting example of synergy in nature.  We have a volunteer tomato plant climbing up a corn stalk courtesy of a morning glory vine that is attaching all three plants.  All working together.  We get pretty blue flowers, some blue corn, and more tomatoes to be sun dried.

And then I think of the politics today in New Mexico.  Our Governor touts the fact that she and the duped legislature passed a corporate income tax reduction in order to help our economy.  But a little analysis makes that the worst case of claiming synergy,  ever!

The only ones who made out on this were the major corporations doing business in New Mexico.  The small corporate business and small proprietorships get nothing out of it because they have no profits whatsoever, and have had none for five years.  And yet the sap media and public probably look upon the Governor as a great economic leader, when in fact she and her enablers are nothing but shills for the CEO's and Boards of the ever more corrupt corporate America.  Include the Albuquerque Journal publisher and editor in that column too, and most of the GOP and too many of the Democrats.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Not to minimize anyone's suffering but in a way I'm relieved to hear that "small corporate business and small proprietorships" are not making any profits whatsoever. I thought it was just me. I'm going go by the Dairy Queen on the way to work. One of these days I'll stop there.

Jim, this is off topic but I see a petition to ban fracking on BLM land. It mentions a new draft fracking rule that is "weaker than the previous version."

Any thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

Dinelli did a great job in demanding an independent investigation into the suspicious death of Mary Han and the outlandish actions taken at her death scene by people in the Berry administration.

Pete really hit the nail on the head when he said Berry refuses to answer any questions as to why his appointees (Rob Perry, Darren White, TJ Wilhem, etc) were in the Mary Han crime scene. He placed accountability right where it belongs, R G Berry.

His final comments were pointed. Dinelli stated that since Berry refuses any public comment on the Han suspicious death (he only communicates through prepared statements by his handlers), that every citizen, when they have the chance (TV Radio or in person) ask Berry why he did not hold anyone accountable for their misconduct at the Mary Han crime scene.

Maybe when the citizens start putting Berry on the spot he will show some responsibility.