Friday, August 16, 2013

Mary Han

The Attorney General, Gary King, has ruled the mysterious death of Mary Han to not be a suicide.  He says the cause of the death is undetermined.  All because of misconduct of the Albuquerque Police Department.

Mayor Berry should suspend every single officer, regardless of rank, who were involved in mobbing the scene of Mary's death to take pictures and gawk at the body of their nemesis who was not fearful of taking on APD on civil rights violations.  Their misconduct most likely destroyed crucial evidence and that is now making them suspect.

This should get some special attention from the U.S. Justice Department as they wend their way through their investigation of  APD.


Anonymous said...

Just another worthless outcome by AG King. Too bad the feds didn't investigate.

Anonymous said...

Jim you are right on this.

Berry should fire Banks (highest ranking APD person at the scene), TJ Wilhem (at the scene), Rob Perry (at the scene) and all the others who were present and in a command position.

Banks is now Chief, WOW that speaks volumes to the problems at APD.

Wilhem is in charge of spying on us at the Real Time Crime Center, that makes me not feel safe. He has no background for this and after the Han release I think Wilhem is just spying on citizens.

And then there is wonderful Rob Perry. Who goes after all the $8 per hour city employees for taking from the city. Well Rob your actions at Han scene just cost the taxpayers millions. Perry should hold himself to the same level of accountability and fire himself.

And don't forget Darren White was there too. Susanna took care of him already. I am sure she will find spots for Banks, Wilhem and Perry too.

Berry has put in place some of the most corrupt and inept people I have ever seen. Vote him out!

Anonymous said...

Rarely do I agree with you but we are on the same side of this case. Justice demands these people and Kennedy be held to task.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. And how disgusting that the city's response is that the AG's report is "suspicious." These people are disgusting. And that includes Paul Kennedy as well.

Anonymous said...

Berry is AWOL again on a major issue. Of course he has been AWOL his entire tenure as mayor, just look at the Darren White mess.

Maybe we should ask Ray Schultz how his $2,500 a week consulting gig that Berry has us paying for is going.

In Schultz / Berry world the Mary Han crime scene was just Nature At Play.

Anonymous said...

For those who claim this is political - remember this case has been ongoing since Ms Han died. The AGO's investigation has also been ongoing. Don't blow smoke trying to hide the wrongdoings of those involved because it makes the mayor look bad. Look beyond the BS and the "highly suspicious" verbage from the city and ask yourselves the question: Why were these people there?

Anonymous said...

The US Attorney needs to name a special prosecutor and put together a grand jury if necessary. Mary Han deserves this. Her death and the way it was handled is so suspicious that we need an independent law enforcement group, with subpeona power, to look into this. Anything Darren White, Ray Schultz, Rob Perry and Richard Berry are involved with stinks of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Anything Darren does is absolutely based out of self interest and self preservation. However, Darren doesn't work alone nor does he work for himself. Follow the strings and find the puppet master.

Anonymous said...

The key point is this; The police don't work for us. Once you understand this, the behavior is easy to understand.

Latina from Nuevo Mexico said...

If the AGO's findings don't cause people concern for their own health and safety around certain APD personnel (include Banks here), then they aren't human.

THIS happened people. THIS cover up or THIS massive ineptitude by the SAME people who are running this city and police department. THIS was so bad it was covered by every large newspaper and broadcast media in this country and the UK.

Don't be fooled into false security because you aren't a lawyer or mentally ill or a poor person or a person of color or a woman.

Don't be fooled by lies and cover ups and finger pointing. DEMAND answers. DEMAND action.

Like the Han family lawyer said, "ANSWERS - JUSTICE - ACCOUNTABILITY"

Stop being sheep.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Pete Dinelli making a huge issue of this mess? He should be relentlessly and loudly pounding the table.

It's sad that Democrats like Dinelli and Sam Bregman are so sheepish about criticizing Susanna Martinez and Richard Berry. They huff and puff until the spotlights and microphones are on and then nothing....

Anonymous said...

The media is bought and paid for in Albuquerque. Knipfing doesn Susanna and White's bidding (oh no there isn't an FBI investigation), Joles is scared (Schultz said Nature at Play! Oh my gosh this is controversy), Doug Fernandez reports look more like entertainment tonight (yes we all cared about the royal baby, not) and the Journal is owned by Walz (enough said).

Don't blame Dinelli or Bregman, there is just no media outlet willing to provide the truth and ask hard questions. You have to rely on Jim Baca, Joe Monahan and the Eye on Albuquerque to really know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

The associated press does a decent job. They are on the wire and you have to look for their stories. The Han story by the AP made it world wide.

Anonymous said...

Dinelli just had a press release. He is going to make a big announcement at 10 am, Wednesday the 21st at Civic Plaza regarding APD and the Mary Han death.

I think everyone should find the time to get down to Civic Plaza to hear what he is going to say. I think it is going to be BIG.