Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Guys

My Tuesday morning golf group is made up of Democrats and Republicans.  Some very liberal Dems, some moderately conservative Republicans, and all genuinely nice people.  We all get along pretty well and have intelligent arguments over the issues of the day.  Yesterday's post game refreshments had the usual mix of politics, golf stories, and debate.

None of us thought getting into the Syrian morass was a good idea.  At most, throw in a few cruise missiles and that is all.  Even that was distasteful given that the conflict has turned into a religious war between the Shia and Sunni branches of Islam.

The issue of same sex marriage never came up in the discussions.  It is really such a non issue to most folks that one has to wonder how out of touch some of our pols are when they oppose it.  And the Governor wants to dodge it all by saying the people should vote on it.  She is a coward who wont take a position on the issue itself.

They Mayor's race is discussed once in a while in our group.  It is less exciting than our friends hole in one the other day.  One of our group said yesterday that  Pete Dinelli had not given anyone a reason to vote for him.  And this is a guy who never voted for a republican.  Bad omen.

The book "This Town", which is about what Washington, DC and the politics there has become, is getting raves.  I will order it onto my Kindle today.


Vicki said...

I can't vote in the Albuquerque City Election because I live outside the city. But, yes, it's a bad omen. Another issue is the special election for banning abortions after 20 weeks gestation that may be offered up in a Special Election November 12th. It's rally a shame that a tiny minority of voters can impose their will on the people. The Albuquerque requirement that a mere 20% of the average number who vote in city elections can propose a change to our laws is so stupid...especially a change that will be found unconstitutional by the courts. The Tea Party and conservative movement has found ways to continue to subvert the majority at a local level where most voters are completely uninvolved.

Scott ABQ Dem said...

Jim - No reasons to vote for Dinelli? Here are a few:

Pete's the only candidate with a jobs plan: You should read it instead of making comments that don't reflect what the plan is all about.

Pete's the only pro-choice candidate

Pete's the only candidate who believes in the freedom to marry

Pete's the only candidate who fights for working families and supports the minimum wage

The Mayor is anti-choice, anti-equality and anti-working family.

Those are good reasons for Democrats to vote for Pete.

Jim Baca said... the blog more carefully. This is their perception.....not mine.

Anonymous said...

I am a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat and I want to vote for Dinelli...but I am not feeling like I should vote for him.

Dinelli doesn't give me much hope for positive changes to the city. He cleaned up the city when he was part of the task force but he cleaned out a lot of poor people who couldn't afford a "real home". He left them homeless and he was unapologetic about it.

I like that he spoke out in support of women's rights and Ms Han (all women should be concerned that APD was so blase about her death). I think he has come out hitting these issues but it is too little too late for a lot of voters. Me included.

Sorry Scott.

Anonymous said...

Not voting for Dinelli or Heh is voting for Berry who has brought APD and the City of Albuquerque to the front pages of the NY Times, LA Times, and Washington Post as THE BIGGEST disgrace in the country.

Berry's record is of complete failure and he cannot hang his hat on the success of anything. Not jobs, no economy, no public safety, not community, not anything.

Unless of course you are the ABQJournal where the city of Albuquerque is one of your largest vendors who buy endless space in the paper...