Friday, August 09, 2013

Run Away

The Biker war is coming to Albuquerque according to the Albuquerque Journal.  Two gangs here are supposedly out for blood over a recent shooting and the paper and others envision a dystopian battle right in the Duke City.

What better way to take of the heat off a failing economy from the Governor and Mayor.  The fluff stories in the media about an improving job market give scant mention that most new jobs are minimum wage level.  How is that supposed to help us?

The Journal had a good oped this morning comparing what is happening with airline seating and what is happening in the ever widening division of wealth in this country.  Essentially more first class and business seats are being installed at the expense of slave galley type seating in coach.  Jam them in and make it hurt.  I can attest to that after our last trip in which we flew in a pretty new Southwest Airlines 737-900 with their new seats.  After three hours in that 'new improved seat' I could barely walk off the plane because of a bruised tailbone.  It was like sitting on a wooden plank.  At least everyone suffered equally since Southwest has no first class.  I will not fly them on any flight over two hours from here on out.  Which is sad because I am hearing rumors they are getting ready to fly to Hawaii at some point.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim

Don't forget that with APD being down over 200 officers (Thanks to Berry) that there were not enough officers to respond to the 73 shots fired at 4th and Menaul last Sunday. The word around APD is that no officers were 10/8 to respond and that the first responding officers was an off duty sergeant who was driving into work. No back up, nothing. No cops because there aren't enough APD cops anymore.

And Berry won't go on camera to answer any questions. And the media won't announce this to the citizens. And the media won't start intervewing Heh and Dinelli instead. The media just lets Berry get away with lame press releases that say nothing.

This city is in a meltdown. We need to vote Berry out of office and start rebuilding our economy and our police department.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Thank you for bringing a dose of reality to the employment situation. Judging from the multiple headlines in the Journal I'm pretty sure they are down there hooting and hollering and marching around their desks holding up posters of Susana Martinez.

Profits are setting records, because the cost of labor is going down, not because people have more money to buy stuff with. This an economic dead end, or the road to becoming a third world nation, and until we start making demands of the business and political systems it will only get worse.