Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I have decided to think harder on who to vote for in the City Council race in my district.  I have been unhappy with Isaac Benton because of his refusal to take an up or down position on the much debated Roundabout on Candelaria and Rio Grande.  It is a local issue that has gotten him in trouble with some folks, so much so that one of my neighbors donated $40,000 to a PAC to defeat him.  But this little issue pales in comparison with his ability to take a definite stand on the questions of women's choice.  He is for it and will oppose the referendum that will try and pass local controls (unconstitutional) on women's ability to control their own bodies. I just found out that his opponent Roxanna Meyers is also prochoice, which is good.   Meanwhile, the city clerk and Mayor just cost us close to a million bucks in additional election costs by not qualifying the petition signatures on the referendum.  That means another whole new election.

Meanwhile, Pete Dinelli will wade into the Mary Han case today during a news conference.  It is about time someone did.  I wish someone would hold the City Council accountable for the conditions in the police department too.  They really can't be considered just bystanders.  

And finally, Ajax the Cat and his metal friend have found a big boulder they like to hang out on in the back yard.  It stays warm all night and is a good early morning perch.

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Raymond Davenport III said...

Jim: Thanks for the heads up on Dinelli. I have found out the the press conference is tomorrow at 10:00 at Civic Plaza. The attorney representing the Han family will also be present.