Friday, May 23, 2014

Back Fire

The crazies who aligned themselves with Clyde Bundy against the Bureau of Land Management teamed  up with some scofflaw ATV riders in invading Recapture Canyon despite the protected status of that iconic landscape in Utah.  Guns were in evidence again as if too tell the rank and file BLM employees they were dead meat if they tried to interfere.

This second confrontation just added to the noise from the backfire of the Bundy affair in which snipers with assault rifles were drawing down on the conservation officers trying to do their job at the Nevada ranch.  That backfire will alienate BLM employees from trusting the folks they are in charge of helping to obey the rules in protecting lands and watersheds.

The rumor mill has it that the employees are insisting that legal actions against the Bundy militia types and the ATV riders not be dropped and that fines and jail time are handed out.  They feel that failure to do so will endanger their lives, and I totally agree with that assessment.   So, this is one the Department of Justice and the Interior Department can not let get away from them if they want to show they have respect for the rank and file employees safety.

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Anonymous said...

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