Saturday, May 03, 2014

Berry Tax Hike and Bernalillo County Commission Tax Hike

Mayor Berry is continuing to seek a 'secret' tax hike by disguising it as garbage rate increase.  Where is the Albuquerque Journal and GOP on this?  Berry wants to raise your garbage rates in order to fund the maintenance of street medians.  That is usually a task that must be funded by general funds of the city.  The gross receipts tax would normally fund that, but Berry thinks he can surreptitiously pull a fast one by this gambit.  He probably can since the media doesn't understand what is going on.  What a shame.

And then there is the Bernalillo County Commission who, amongst others, just guaranteed that the County Assessor would have to raise the property tax assessments by the maximum 3% for the tenth year in a row.  Everyone of those Commissioners really needs to explain to retired folks why this is necessary.  I sure don't know any retirees whose social security and pensions go up by 3%.  In fact the legislature has limited retired government workers cost of living hikes to 2% a year.  Do the math here and you will see the problem.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Water Authority. We conserve and they raise our rates. Why don't they trim the fat compensation for Mark Sanchez, triple dipper.

Yes Mark Sanchez who knows nothing of water but knows all the right people has a sweetheart deal on the backs of ratepayers. Mark gets his PERA pension, his six figure salary at the Water Authority and a compensation package at the water authority that puts a matching 20% of his income into a 401k plan.

How did this happen? Well when the water authority came into existence Sanchez knew the right people in the governor's office and legislature to make sure the Water Authority gave him an exemption from joining PERA. This is the only government agency that has this exemption.

So our rates are going up, and so is Mark Sanchez's triple dipping. How about cutting his compensation before you raise our water rates?

Anonymous said...

The only City Councilor that has gone on record as opposing Berry's increase in the garbage fees is Republican Dan Lewis who is hoping to replace Berry in 3 years. So much for our Democrat majority on the City Council. Berry is still very strong at a 56% approval rating according to Joe Monahan's poll and despite APD melt down. The Democrat majority will no doubt approve Berry's budget and rate increase with no opposition. Will no in the press ever hold Berry responsible for anything he and Rob Perry do????

Anonymous said...

The democrats on the city council need to wake up and start exerting their power. Hold Berry's feet to the fire over Taser, Schultz, APD, DoJ, 20% pay raises for Berry's friends, and Zero % pay raises for city workers, no action on minimum wage violations, etc etc etc.

The city council is majority Democrat. They hold the purse strings. They can defund Berry projects. They need to start. Albuquerque is in decline and Berry is too blame. City Council should defund Berry projects until he gives all city workers the same 20% pay raise Berry gave Rob Perry and others on his staff. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That is Richard Berry's World. He only cares about his wealthy friends who will donate to his campaign. He could care less about the rest of us. Time to get off our butts and tell the Democrats on the city council either grow a set of balls or resign and let someone else in. Yes Ken Sanchez and Rey Garduno we are talking about you. Right now we get more concern from Republican Dan Lewis than from any of the Democrats on city council. Wake up or risk being kicked out.