Friday, May 02, 2014

Some More

The commenter from my post yesterday was back with some more this morning, and I think it is right on the issue of the 'back yard' mentality of the center and left of center groups that can't seem to get together on a unified message.  Here it is.


Thanks for posting my comment as part of your blog today. Allow me to expound on it. I have contacted several of the leaders within the grass-roots movement wanting to contribute something in a meaningful way based on my skills and experience. I am the person who responded to Bubba’s previous comment of needing to consolidate resources and that I am working on it. It has been an eye-opening experience and a great disappointment in my journey. 

"I have tried to communicate that all of the energy being put into these groups is fantastic and it’s wonderful to see people so passionate and willing to give so selflessly. Unfortunately I have not found one person who is willing to listen to my observations or suggestions or look beyond their priorities within their individual grass-roots movement. We have missed so many opportunities. For example, why didn’t ANYONE think of passing out flyers with a UNIFIED message at the DOJ meetings this week? I have come to the conclusion that the diversity of our community, which is wonderful, is also our downfall. Everyone wants THEIR message heard. They appear to be clueless about divide and conquer tactics. I don’t even think Berry or Martinez need to work very hard at succeeding with their plan because the grass-roots movements do a pretty good job at collectively failing as a whole based on my journey. They also, in my opinion, appear to be somewhat damaged by the abuse they have experienced. They appear to have “attitude” and prejudices rather than be welcoming to fresh and new perspectives from people that may be “different” than them.

Albuquerque and New Mexico are a “hot mess” like I’ve never seen in my life. It’s so sad that this movement, which has the power to succeed against the Berry/Martinez machine, will fail because they are too small-minded to see the forest for the trees. 

I’ve decided that I’m going to give up on trying to do my part in this crisis and get the hell out of this ranked-at-the-bottom state as soon as I can. So Bubba, you can take the lead on consolidating resources. We desperately need to do it. After this journey, I now know why we are ranked at the bottom, how the Berry/Martinez financiers saw the hole and capitalized on that, why we are in this situation and why it will get worse. 

If this movement collectively utilized their energy effectively, because they all have fantastic ideas, they would first unite to remove Martinez and Berry and then once the new leaders were in place, they could work on their individual priorities to make Albuquerque and New Mexico one of the greatest cities and states in the US. They will all fail if they do the latter first.

What a shame! Albuquerque and New Mexico have the potential to be one of the best places to live in the US.

And to respond to the previous comment posted above this regarding our pathetic congress, you are correct, we also need to do that for the federal government. And that movement has the potential to originate here since we have the infrastructure already in place with a lot of passion and energy. We just don’t have the cohesiveness and unity, led with ONE VOICE. I’d be willing to donate my time and money to that!

That’s my two cents. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion."......Anonymous


Anonymous said...

These two “get it.” I watched the 46 minute interview with the two cops involved in the Blume incident. If you find 46 minutes in your weekend activities, it is better than any movie you could watch. The corruption at APD is revealed in detail for this specific event. Unfortunately, that kind of “activity” goes on throughout the Berry and Martinez administration. If you can’t find the time to watch the complete video (the second of the four videos on this link) then take the time to listen to the last 6 minutes of it. They understand EXACTLY what’s wrong with the system, and not just at APD, but also throughout the city and state due to the Berry/Martinez “leadership.” Once you understand the problem, then you can determine how to fix it. Integrity and honesty should be demanded. Unfortunately you won’t get it with these two leaders.

Anonymous said...

City planning new revamp of zoning and development rules

Here's an example of how the Berry/Martinez machine are trying to change the rules to the advantage of "their people" and to the disadvantage of the citizens. There's a lot of "corruption" at the city and state level in the planning and construction departments.

THE "Unified Development Ordinance & Comprehensive Plan Updates" should be monitored with a fine-tooth comb. These people should NOT be trusted to have our best interest at heart. We should have a grass-roots group just for monitoring this. Any interest?

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for posting my comment on your blog.

What is the solution to the “hot mess” we are in?

You work around the machine, which includes the Martinez/Berry machine and the media including the TV channels and Journal. The media has been doing a better job lately, but they are in large part to blame for why we are at this point due to their propaganda and manipulation of information to protect the villains and prevent the victims from having a voice. KRQE gave Woolever and Doyle a voice yesterday. Too bad they didn’t do this years ago. Would we be in a better place if they had? And KRQE should be recognized for at least reporting it yesterday, because none of the others have. How much other information has the “media” had that they have withheld from us?

So the solution is to play by your own rules and turn everything upside down.

And this model can not only be applied to the city, county and state, but it can also apply to the federal government. 90% of the citizens are fed up with Congress. It’s time to:


If there is more interest in hearing more details about this model, please let me know.

Michelle Meaders said...

Isn't the best way to replace the Governor to elect someone else in November? There are 5 Democrats running for Governor. We start voting to choose one of them in the Primary, starting Tuesday. That is also the last day to register to vote as a Democrat, so you can vote in this primary. Only about 30% of those eligible usually vote in the Primary, so there is a lot of room for expansion.

If you got a letter from the County Clerk's office last week (at least in Bernalillo County), you can vote in the Primary. Otherwise, check your registration, and change it if needed. The letter tells how and where to vote. The official election date is Tuesday, June 3, which is the last day to vote.

It's been hard for many people to find out about the candidates in this election. As usual, The League of Women Voters isn't doing a voter guide for it, just for the General in Nov.

New Mexican said...

New Mexico has always had this "problem". That is how we ended up with Domenici and that is how we ended up with Gary Johnson and that is how we ended up with Susan Martinez and Berry.

New Mexico is a Democratic blue state WHEN we Democrats can come together. But, and this is a BIG BUT, we do not do this often. Republicans can ONLY win when elected by Democrats.

Latina from Nuevo Mexico said...

New Mexico has always been slow to respond to change by choice.

I have always appreciated the outlook of "new" people into this state because they bring progressive ideas and energy to a lethargic state.

I encourage anyone who cares about New Mexico not to give up on this state and work to infuse their ideas into the hundred-year old mindset of the residents of the "land of maƱana"

Some of us want the change and are willing to work hard to get it.

I can also assure you that there are some in the Governor and ABQ Mayoral offices who like things the way they are: where they are in power. I doubt any of these "leaders" care much for tradition or the culture of New Mexico but they sure do like seeing their bank accounts getting fatter by the day.

I read a post the other day on the Santa Fe New Mexican website:

Oh Susana, I won't cry for thee, because you came to New Mexico on the rich man's money