Thursday, May 29, 2014


The Intel Plant in Rio Rancho was once said to be one of the company's most productive.  But now it has again been passed over for manufacturing the ever changing technologies that make chips smaller, less power hungry, and more efficient.  One wonders what has gone wrong.

This isn't good news.  And the latest I get from the rumor mill is that a firm owned by interests in Abu Dhabi was at Intel last week to try and negotiate a deal to buy the plant.  That is either good news or bad news.  Who knows?

Certainly not Governor Susana Martinez and her weak economic development team.  I was aghast today to see her new TV commercial in which she once again was running against former Governor Richardson.  That is all she has got since this state is failing so miserably in job creation and she is escaping without a scratch.

One of our dinner guests last night made an interesting observation.  She said that people didn't like Richardson but they liked his policies.  She said that as far as behavior went that Martinez was no different.  Mean and uncaring.  But that no one seems to like her policies either.  But she gets away with it.  It is just one of those cases where voters are truly asleep.

I voted on Wednesday afternoon.  I went with Lawrence Rael.  But if Webber wins I will support him too.  They will both get all the money I can muster together to help who ever wins.  If King wins, well that would be difficult not because he isn't a good and honest guy, but because he is not capable of winning against the teflon Governor.

Meanwhile, I am off for the first golf sojourn of the summer to Pendairies, New Mexico.  That ball goes far at 7500 feet altitude.


Bubba Muntzer said...

The human voice also travels further at 7500 feet so try to avoid hitting the ball in a sand trap.

But I'm hoping that doesn't happen. Have an enjoyable excursion.

Donald F Schiff said...

I voted for Webber, but I will happily support Rael if he wins. Like you, I don't see a path to victory for King.

Anonymous said...

Do you think people aren’t interested in voting? They are with their dollars and feet.
Predicting the future of our economy due to the illustrious Martinez/Berry leadership…..
If this poll is even half correct this economy is doomed for a long time. You need to vote to get the result.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I went to the poll Anonymous refers to, which is titled "Given what you know about conditions in your field, and the economy, do you think you’ll be in New Mexico 10 years from now? Why or why not?"

I found the results very interesting -- roughly 50-50 -- but so too are the comments left by people who think they'll be leaving.

New Mexicans are mean to them.

I began to comment on the comments but it got to be too long so I turned it into an entry on my own blog.

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