Thursday, May 01, 2014


I got an interesting comment on my last blog from someone who is trying to support Alan Webber for Governor.  I had wondered about the day to day organization of that campaign and had criticized earlier in the year for which I was given hell by someone in that campaign.  I think that Webber did a good job of getting after Martinez after the Mother Jones article, and that he might have hit his stride.  But this comment was telling.

"I was hopeful like you are at one time. I also thought that Webber would be just what the doctor ordered based on his talking points and background. 

Unfortunately, my observations based on how they are managing their website so far, lead me to believe that if they can’t get that right, how could he possibly manage the State government, not to mention that you need some crisis management skills to do it. Their sign up for emails on their website doesn’t work and no one responds to the volunteer phone number. If Webber can’t get simple things like that to work, he’ll never be able to lead NM like we need and Martinez will blow him out of the water.

I think the ONLY hope for this city and state is to recall Berry and oust Martinez. If that doesn’t happen and you think things are bad now, just wait. Once she gets reelected, she and Berry will be even more aggressive on changing laws and eliminating individual rights. 

Even though there are a lot of grass-roots movements right now, they are not organized enough nor do they work together sufficiently to counter the Martinez/Berry machine. There is a lot of energy output but it's not efficient nor unified enough with ONE voice to get the result. They appear to be all interested in their specific cause rather than the big picture.

I expect that things will get A LOT worse after November and we will continue to spiral downward as a result. We will be stuck with the Martinez/Berry machine. Hold on to your hat.


At the same time I am a little disappointed at Lawrence Rael's first TV commercial.  I think it could  have stood out a little more with some unmerciless attacks on the Governor's failed economic development efforts.  I don't think you can be touchy-feely on your media if you want to win.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I agree with the commenter, and that as you say, what is needed are "unmerciless attacks on the Governor's failed economic development efforts."

The key word there is economic. People aren't united because they don't clearly see how Democrats and Republicans have been united in opposition to their economic interests. Democrats have gone along with Republicans every step of the way in the economic decline of the American working class - so-called Middle Class included -- in sending good jobs outside the US, in reducing taxes on corporations and wealth to almost nothing, just as the state legislature has done under Martinez' reign.

Most members of the US congress, the House included now, are millionaires, as of the current incarnation. Look at 1st district Rep. Grisham's campaign finance statements. This so called Democrat's wealth has doubled in the short time since she took office and she's closing in on millionaire status. All of our delegation remain mute on the decline of the American working class and the ungodly wealth and income disparity in this country that gets worse every day.

The Democratic Party meanwhile is wasting its time sending out emails about a banquet to honor a former senator whose career spanned the decline of the American working class and who never did a thing or said a word to oppose it and whose major accomplishment was going to Washington and coming back with a worth of $10 million.

These disparate people will have to realize what they are up against, a solid front of Neoliberalism.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting my comment as part of your blog today. Allow me to expound on it. I have contacted several of the leaders within the grass-roots movement wanting to contribute something in a meaningful way based on my skills and experience. I am the person who responded to Bubba’s previous comment of needing to consolidate resources and that I am working on it. It has been an eye-opening experience and a great disappointment in my journey.

I have tried to communicate that all of the energy being put into these groups is fantastic and it’s wonderful to see people so passionate and willing to give so selflessly. Unfortunately I have not found one person who is willing to listen to my observations or suggestions or look beyond their priorities within their individual grass-roots movement. We have missed so many opportunities. For example, why didn’t ANYONE think of passing out flyers with a UNIFIED message at the DOJ meetings this week? I have come to the conclusion that the diversity of our community, which is wonderful, is also our downfall. Everyone wants THEIR message heard. They appear to be clueless about divide and conquer tactics. I don’t even think Berry or Martinez need to work very hard at succeeding with their plan because the grass-roots movements do a pretty good job at collectively failing as a whole based on my journey. They also, in my opinion, appear to be somewhat damaged by the abuse they have experienced. They appear to have “attitude” and prejudices rather than be welcoming to fresh and new perspectives from people that may be “different” than them.

Albuquerque and New Mexico are a “hot mess” like I’ve never seen in my life. It’s so sad that this movement, which has the power to succeed against the Berry/Martinez machine, will fail because they are too small-minded to see the forest for the trees.

I’ve decided that I’m going to give up on trying to do my part in this crisis and get the hell out of this ranked-at-the-bottom state as soon as I can. So Bubba, you can take the lead on consolidating resources. We desperately need to do it. After this journey, I now know why we are ranked at the bottom, how the Berry/Martinez financiers saw the hole and capitalized on that, why we are in this situation and why it will get worse.

If this movement collectively utilized their energy effectively, because they all have fantastic ideas, they would first unite to remove Martinez and Berry and then once the new leaders were in place, they could work on their individual priorities to make Albuquerque and New Mexico one of the greatest cities and states in the US. They will all fail if they do the latter first.

What a shame! Albuquerque and New Mexico have the potential to be one of the best places to live in the US.

And to respond to the previous comment posted above this regarding our pathetic congress, you are correct, we also need to do that for the federal government. And that movement has the potential to originate here since we have the infrastructure already in place with a lot of passion and energy. We just don’t have the cohesiveness and unity, led with ONE VOICE. I’d be willing to donate my time and money to that!

That’s my two cents. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

Anonymous said...


That's right. We need "leaders" who are interested in doing what's best for the citizens, not taking political cover when it's convenient for them and working for their gain.

Interesting that you should bring up Grisham. I had my own experience with her and realized that she's not what I thought she was. Too bad. She's a woman who could be leading the effort to do what's best for the citizens like she said in her campaign.