Sunday, May 18, 2014


A qualification first.  I like Gary King.  He is a decent guy.  He is honest.

But, one could have predicted that the Albuquerque Journal would endorse him.  They did so because he will be the weakest possible candidate to go up against that right wing neo con sweetie Susana Martinez.  Anyone who knows Gary will realize he isn't exactly a confrontational kind of guy.  And that is precisely what the democrats don't need running up to November.

There is just to much grist for the mill and Gary won't throw it under the stones.  Certainly, no one so far in the race has really taken a hard and consistent enough campaign against the Governor.  There is so much potential when all she can do is for the fifth year in a row talk about selling the state jet plane. That is her big accomplishment by her own words?  Yep.  Meanwhile we have a net migration of people and jobs from the Land of Enchantment and no one is doing a great job of exposing that.

Let's face it.  None of the democratic candidates, Gary included, have enough money to pull this off just yet.  And soon it will dribble down to other races on the ticket that are important too.  We must take back the Secretary of State's office and with such weakness up top that just won't be easy.

It will be an interesting month.


Anonymous said...

No Democrat for Governor will win, not because who the nominee is, but because of sure apathy. Republicans win when Democrats don't vote or vote against their own best interest and beliefs. Berry won reelection by a landslide even though he opposed the minimum wage, supported the anti-abortion initiative, was against same sex marriage and lied about APD. Only 19% of eligible voters voted in the Mayors race. On a state-wide level, the issues are virtually the same: a do nothing executive, mass exodus of jobs and youth, dead last for growth and child welfare and care, and no economic development plan. But hey, she's "our Governor", the first Hispanic female elected governor and we can be proud even though Martinez destroys our state and will do nothing for the next four years.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Nor does King have a Spanish surname.

I was reading in the Journal today where prominent Democratic politicians with Spanish surnames in Espanola and Las Vegas have endorsed the Hispanic Republican governor.

And a retired New Mexican political science professor (with a Spanish surname) was quoted as saying “surname is very powerful in New Mexico.”

More powerful than what?

Class interests, for one.

And why is that? Because Democrats, who used to be the party of working people, in general no more represent the interests of working and middle class New Mexicans as do Republicans.

The only significant difference between the two parties now is in the social arena - abortion, gay marriage.

It's been laid out again and again and again today the problems the state has. And on the national level America has become vastly unequal - 1920s levels. Millionaire politicians serve millionaire donors, only, including the wealthy, white leadership of the woman's movement and wealthy gay Capitalists who live in gated communities and don't want working people anywhere near them.

Democrats don't have to give up their civil rights principals, but they have to give voters a good reason to act on the fundamental human principal that economic interests are peoples' first priority.

And why hasn't a group of top Democrats led by the chairman paid a visit to those turncoat Democrats and if they couldn't politely get them to shut up give them an ultimatum?