Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pit Stop

Barstow rest stop. Iconic Americana. 


Unknown said...

He was parked in the shade

Donald F Schiff said...

I locked my keys in the car there once...

Anonymous said...

Jim, I studied that photograph carefully, it is really amazing!. The color combinations, the new paint on the asphalt, the shadows from the palms and the great blue sky. Nice catch.

matt baca

Bubba Muntzer said...

Re parked in the shade - har! Good one!

I completely agree with Matt. He noticed some things I didn't, too.

I was focused on the way it's framed. Most people are afraid to move things right to the edge or to cut things off like that. It's against "the rules". It's almost never done. People are afraid of criticism, and they would get it, too. But that kind of fear limits our thinking, our imaginations, of what is possible. Not just in photography. But there have always been a few people who didn't follow the rules, in all fields. That boldness shows up again and again in your photography, and we see things we never would have.

I like the one of the sand, too. That's not just random footprints but an arrangement of light and dark, by the eye and by a couple effects of them upon the camera of its creator.

The problem with photographing a beautiful woman in a long ivory dress is that it's hard to see anything else in the photo, or how it's there. Well, that's my problem. On the other hand, it's there nonetheless, and being taken in. It becomes part of the perception of her. No problem. Very nice.

I hope you're enjoying yourself out there. That's a nice drive -- New Mexico, the mountains, the desert (the big one), then as you get closer, the vibrancy and the vibration that is California, another country in way more ways than one. I always loved that drive.