Wednesday, May 28, 2014


When will the media let us know how the man who allegedly shot a police dog back in March was killed?  Was it suicide?  The APD and OMI have said little.  Is this being covered up?


Anonymous said...

What happened to the REAL Redwine video???
What happened to transparency???
We should be able to see ALL videos.
Out of control corrupt leaders aka crooks.

Mike Anderson said...

When OMI releases the cause of death report and other reports, KOB will report it.

Mike at KOB

Anonymous said...

Taser cameras are a piece of junk. High priced junk. The reason APD and Berry don't want to comment on Officer Dear's video is he did have it turned on, but just like Homeland Security warned 2 years ago, the Taser lapel camera cable to the battery pack is too short and pulls out. So instead of just being honest and admitting Taser sold us a piece of junk so Schultz could get a retirement job, APD Eden and Berry just clam up and say nothing. Well they don't say nothing, they leak past cases involving Dear to the media so he is crucified and so it appears to the public he never turns on his camera. Well in this case the word is he did have it on and Taser malfunctioned. Why don't we hear this from APD or Berry? This is number one complaint for the DoJ, Berry and Eden are not honest with the public. No one trusts them. They need to fix that before they fix anything.

Anonymous said...

The man's name is Dale Anthony Lusien, age 56 or 57. Date of death: March 21, 2014. The OMI has not released their "investigation" in Lusien and APD has not released any information.

On the topic of "investigation", OMI released the Boyd and Hawkes "investigations" but never released an investigation into Mary Han's death probably because they never did one.