Monday, May 26, 2014

So True

A friend of mine sent me this missive about the Governor's race.  It is right on.
"Rael, Webber or Morales could all benefit from a strong Democratic ticket; unlikely that Gary will. Zero evidence of Gary's campaign until last week. He's using the same signs from his congressional and AG races, why put any effort there? First thing in the mailbox features a washed-out photo (washed up?) of the candidate. The only woman in the race only gets 5% - incredible. Lawrence needs Howie's energy. He seems to think that being quietly responsible, honest and hardworking will make people vote for him. Just because he might make the best governor does not automatically make the best candidate, which is why I did not get involved. Gary was a better legislator than AG -- now a terrible campaigner has a decent shot after a do-nothing 8 years. If either Morales or Rael would back the other, that might be enough, but it ain't gonna happen. Lawrence should try to get Lynda L. to endorse him to get some momentum and women's votes. There are ways Martinez could be beaten but they've all acted like they'd be happy if they win the primary and get 47% in the fall.  Udall's lucky to dodge any real opponents -- R bench still very weak."

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