Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Small Thinking

Look around New Mexicans.  Look at Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and Utah.  Look at their full steam ahead economies.  Then look at the Land of Enchantment's economic history.  Look at how all of our kids had to go elsewhere for work.  Look at our ranking in poverty, childhood hunger, and healthcare.  They all rank pitifully in the bottom tiers.

Small thinking got  us here.  Small thinking like you will see in Governor Susana Martinez's new TV commercial where the only thing she can tout is selling the State's jet aircraft.  Silliness. That is it.  She sold a jet.  She didn't use it to bring in jobs.  Why would she need a jet to travel far and wide to bring in jobs for our people?  Because she is to busy flying on corporate jets to out of state fundraisers thrown by corporate right-wingers.  Or using the state police helicopter to go to strictly partisan political gatherings, mostly thrown by the oil and gas and coal industries.

Really, how long before people start waking up?  My advice is to never trust corporations or the big media that they own.  They must be realizing this since they corporate boys are spending millions on TV ads telling everyone how great they are and that they really care.  The big lie.  Time for head knocking.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever known a right-wing tea partier? They are the dumbest people I've ever met. And I'm not being sarcastic. You could sell them dog shit and they would think they were eating chocolate pie and think it's the greatest dessert they've ever tasted. I'm using that as an analogy but I have seen many times them be sold on the crappiest products and services and be sooooo happy. I've never met blinder people in my life. No heart and dumber than shit. Sorry for being so frank. At least Democrats have a heart and don't mind paying a little more in taxes if it will make the country better as a whole.

Even AZ has figured out they better swing back to the center. The NFL threatened Brewer if she didn't veto a Republican bill that had passed both the house and senate to allow retail services to choose who they would allow in their establishment, they would find another location. They were trying to allow restaurants to prevent non-whites and gays from eating there. Unbelievable! And if Martinez gets elected, she will try to pull the same crap here.

Vicki said...

Susana Martinez gets a lot of money from right-wing plutocrats because they need her in 2016. If she wins in NM, she will have the kind of credibility that the GOP currently doesn't have with women and Hispanic voters on the national level. Of course, she will pursue even more over-the-top right wing policies to further establish her credibility as a conservative to the "Tea Party" types who are so racist and anti-immigrant that they cringe when she speaks in Spanish. The only way to stop the madness is to vote in this 2014 election. We have the numbers in New Mexico, so let's get them to the polls as if it was a Presidential Year, because for Martinez and the national Republican Party, it is.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Unfortunately the people less likely to vote in midterms are the people Barak Obama was able to get out, like young people, and if he sticks his head out to campaign he'll only get out more Republicans and tea baggers, especially in several close races.

Which reminds me. Millions of young people were engaged, got interested, by the Occupy Movement, but guess what? Democrats dumped all over Occupy. The Obama Administration infiltrated it with spies, and then when it was ready, coordinated the attacks that (violently) evicted the protesters from their encampments all over the country.

That movement, though, did get a lot of young people engaged, and the hard core are still networking and agitating, and they are not going to be volunteering to work for Democratic candidates anytime soon. They don't think the solutions to the country's problems can be addressed within the current two party monopoly of political power, beholden as it is to corporations and the wealthy.