Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Prediction Time

I have been talking with a lot of folks about the Governor's race here in New Mexico.  It isn't exactly an exciting affair with most people responding with a yawn.  But once the primary election is over the you can expect things to heat up, no matter that Susana Martinez will have plenty of money from the oil, right wing, and neocons of the GOP.

The main reason is New Mexico's exports.  I am not talking about the increase in oil and gas production.  I am talking about the export of jobs and young people just out of school to all of the successful economies around us.  This is what the general election must center on if anyone has half a chance of winning against the fossil fuel PACs, uh I mean the Governor.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen a TV commercial about climate change from our candidates?  Any of them.  Some of them mention it in their websites but it certainly isn't upfront on the bought media, which leads me to believe they are not courageous enough to state the obvious about our lack of water in an arid state.

I am beginning to think that Lawrence Rael has the ability to win this race.  It was always going to be a haul for him, but his campaign has done everything right.  He is well positioned between Gary King and Alan Webber who have gotten some bad press.  Webber because someone who supported him was a radical in the 60s, and Gary King because he got the Albuquerque Journal editorial, which makes everyone suspect.

I will early vote tomorrow.  


Anonymous said...

No one cares about the election or who is Governor. Any one of the 5 Democrats could do a better job than this Governor. She will have $8 to $10 million. The Democrat nominee will be lucky to raise $2 million, and that is being optimistic. The Republicans will win the House an we will be left with an Hispanic version of Sarah Palin for another 4 years. Very sad. Very depressing that she's "our governor".

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh that the Journal supports Gary King, the do nothing Attorney General. I'm not impressed with any of the dem candidates. One would think the state could generate some very good ones. It's ho-hum alright.

Anonymous said...

To the first post: With that kind of cynical attitude, NM will always be last. This election is about grass roots and getting out the vote. Martinez is the worst governor ever and those of us who care about this state will work hard to see she is defeated in November.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Just as a side note, the governor, in a TV commercial you referred to earlier, has been caught lying on several counts. I've not seen the ad but there are articles about it.

Apparently she takes credit for everything; balancing the state budget, erasing the largest deficit in history while cutting taxes, teaching every elementary student to read, re-painting the capital building by hand, saving the Hatch chili crop by toting water in a bath tub in the back of her pickup truck, and taking five strokes off Jim Baca's golf score.