Monday, January 12, 2015

APD Response

We have had a lot of burglaries in our neighborhood over the last three months.  These thieves hit houses with burglar alarms because they know they have time before the police respond to get away.  On Saturday night a home was broken into that had an alarm set off.  The police were called immediately and they didn't show up for 50 minutes.

The neighborhood is getting fed up and many urge us to call APD to get better service.  That probably wouldn't help much, but a call to the Mayor's Office and Councillor Isaac Benton might help.

We have to face the fact that APD is in continued deep trouble.  The tragic shooting of an undercover officer by another uniformed officer this weekend in a $60 Meth sting is just the latest manifestation of a failed organization.  Our political leadership on this is pretty much ineffectual.  That can't be fixed until the next city election, but one action could help things.  The current and woefully inexperienced Chief Eden should bow out of the picture.  Fade into the sunset.  Hasta La Vista!  And then the Mayor can start a nationwide search for new leadership for that department.  Pay a lot if necessary and get things fixed.  Ask for help from every successful police department in the country.  They know how things should work.  In the meantime let's hope all those good, dedicated and hardworking officers stick it out.  And there are a lot of them.


Anonymous said...

Ray Schultz and Gil Gallegos ruined the Albuquerque Police Department. They were allowed to take APD over the cliff by a city council who has been asleep at the wheel (yes Ken Sanchez and Brad Winter we are talking about both of you) and citizens who don't show up to vote and those who do vote for the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Berry and Eden don't have any officers working as first responders. They spout BS like "we have 622 officers for calls" (Rob Perry to City Council) so where are they? Why did your neighbor wait 50 minutes? Because they lie. APD has so few officers as first responders and then we lose those for at least 20% of their shift so they can upload their video to the junk system we paid $2,000,000 for from Taser. I hope Ray Schultz is enjoying his job with Taser, he sure zapped the life out of this police department.

I sure hope Hector indicts Schultz and Taser for Pay to Play. That would be turning the corner.