Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dark Side

Has the Dark Side has come to Public Service Company of New Mexico?  And I don't mean power outages.  I mean questionable business ethics.  What ever happened to that friendly guy, Reddy Kilowatt?  Was he laid off?

The story in the Albuquerque Journal this morning had it a little wrong.  They said a PNM engineer was fired for cause, when in fact he was really fired for being a whistle blower.  The whistle blower issue did get attention however and it should have.  This will play out in court.

But it is rather astounding that this engineer's sense of right and wrong manifested itself  in the current corruption of corporate America.  The fact that a highly experienced power plant manager would see something wrong in padding the books to get a higher rate of return from the utility's customers is refreshing.  Maybe the Public Regulatory Commission should invite him in for a chat.

I hope this gets a lot more attention from everyone in the media and public interest groups.  Especially from PNM who looks rather dishonest right now.  And I hope PNM can find the leadership to lead the country into new ways of providing power in an ever increasing renewable energy way.

But, as I always point out in PNM's favor.  The lights always go on when I flip the switch.  So their engineers must be doing something right.  So why fire them?

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