Friday, January 09, 2015

Get Real

I don't like our Governor and her minions, but that doesn't mean when they have a good idea that I will work against it.  State Senator Michael Sanchez should do the same.  He is still fighting the bill that would end social promotion in our schools. Those social promotions almost garuntee lots of future problems with these lagging students.

But if the Governor wants this to pass she also needs to be serious about extra reading and early childhood programs that will make social promotion an unneeded tool.  Mainly I would suggest strong reading programs with faltering kids in the first and second grade.  It has been proven that it works, especially if the parents are part of the solution.  Six weeks of this instruction during the summer would work miracles.


Anonymous said...


Some humor here. You spelled "garuntee" incorrectly. The correct spelling is "guarantee".

So now for the humor, did your spelling teacher give you a social promotion?

Jim Baca said...

I got A+ in all my spelling classes...and reading. But I can never remember how to spell guarantee for some reason.....I am surprised the spell checker didn't change it.

I was socially promoted once and wish I hadn't been. I spent years playing catchup.