Saturday, January 03, 2015

Jim King

My longtime friend and native of Albuquerque, Jim King, who lives in Mexico City and runs some entrepreneurial businesses stopped by this morning.  He secretly had been working on a novel for years and it was recently published by Amazon.  It is a horror story based in Albuquerque and is constantly referencing people and places in the city.  Visit his webpage to learn about him and his book.


New Mexican said...

I will check it out, it better be scarier than the New Mexico politics coming up.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I think you might be in that book. I urge your readers to go to that web page and clink on the link for the book, Braile House, where it gives a description of the book, and see if you don't think so.

But it sounds like an interesting book and it looks like he has the background knowledge in the field.

Incidentally, regarding a topic that's been discussed here, I just read an article in the OC Weekly about a police department in Orange County doing things to set up city council members for falls who the cops saw as hostile to cops and cop interests.

Actually, the cop union hired a law firm that specializes in that kind of thing, and the law firm hired private investigators to do the dirty work, but the investigation turned up emails showing the cops were keeping right up with it and offering suggestions and were highly involved.

I mention this (a) for skeptics and (b) for your readers who are interested in the Brandenberg case and for whom this might get them thinking. Like, how wide might that scandal be? Who came up with the idea? Who stands to benefit from the DA going down? Etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for info Bubba, and your insight is spot on with how complex and messy the APD/Brandenburg thing is.