Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sun Zia

The Sun Zia renewable transmission line was approved by secretary of Interior Sally Jewel today at a ceremony at Sandia national labs. Sen. Martin Heinrich and Congressman Ben Ray Lujan along with the Secretary and Defense Department representatives announced the decision much to the chagrin of Congressman Steve Pearce who for some reason thinks renewable energy transmission will threaten our national defense.

This transmission line across hundreds of miles in New Mexico will inject close to 1000 jobs in construction and 100 permanent jobs upon completion.  The power transmitted will come from renewable energy sources, solar and wind, and will be sent to markets across the southwest.

The announcement was  held at the large solar complex south of the Sandia National Labs.  Between the bright day and reflected solar arrays....everything looked slightly blue to the camera.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Where was Governor Martinez? Why wasn't she there giving herself credit for creating those jobs?

Wait, is that her in the middle in red scarf, scowling, with her hands in her pockets, reaching for her handgun with one hand and a granola bar with the other?

Perhaps the governor was too busy creating jobs for New Mexicans to attend.

Seriously though, notice in the Journal non coverage of this event how Steve Pearce uses the ubiquitous and interminable "national security" in opposing it. The proponents assure us they've gone to great lengths to make sure it won't impact "national security".

We need to start challenging this use of "national security" to justify everything from ruining perfectly good land like the military does to domestic spying to unending wars abroad killing people who wouldn't even know ho to reach our shores to spending half the national budget on the military.

At least this is a chink if ever so slight in the immunity of the military from everything impacting our economic security.