Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Last Publisher

Bill Lang is taking over the title of Publisher of the Albuquerque Journal from his ailing and eccentric brother Tom Lang.  One wonders if Bill will be the last ever Publisher at that diminishing institution. I am thinking he will be unless there is some sort of dramatic changes made, starting with the Editor.

I just love reading an ink on paper publication everyday.  Both the New  York Times and Journal go a long way at taking up an hour or two in the day along with two good cappuccinos from my cool machine.  But as people like me get older the newspaper game is a goner.  When was the last time you saw anyone under 30 reading something besides a smart phone or tablet to get their news fix?  While the Journal arguably has the highest website visits in New Mexico, that certainly is not going to pay the bills of supporting anything like a good roster of serious journalists.

Someone needs to do some serious recruiting to replace the leadership at this newspaper.  New ideas and less partisanship are needed if it is to last another 5 years.  Times are changing for sure, but the Journal folks are sitting on their hands.

P.S.  I noticed that the Journal had nothing to say about that New Yorker Magazine article on our city's APD and Mayor.  At least not  yet.

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