Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fox and the Journal?

Well, maybe not the ABQ Journal just yet.  But surely Fox.  And maybe MSNBC.


New Mexican said...

I amazes me that the Albuquerque Journal is so biased in favor of the right wing of the Republican party. It must not hurt their bottom line, or if it does hurt they must not care and see more value in getting the right wing message out than in being neutral or fair in their reporting.

Personally I quit buying it several years ago and would never consider advertising with them if I had to advertise. There are other options for getting information out.

They have to know that they are missing out on Advertising revenue by middle of the road or left leaning folks. Maybe some will advertise there, but you cannot tell me that some will react like myself.

Anonymous said...

Rolling Stone magazine just published an article on APD. The New Mexico media is mainly propaganda for the New Mexico Politicos, however the national media is starting to print articles on the mess in Albuquerque. The only newspapers in the state that are good are The Albuquerque Free Press, Santa Fe Reporter and the Rio Grande Sun.
Here is the link to the article.