Saturday, January 17, 2015

bush cheney rumsfeld

Watching Saturday evening news can be enlightening for the mix of commercials you will see.  Laxatives, drugs that you should ask your Doctor about, hard-on enhancers, and veteran charities.  It is that last one that is the most disgusting.

Some redneck crooner is telling us to give money to the Wounded Warriors charity.  Another commercial is from a large law firm that wants to represent the veterans who want disability payments.(and the law firm gets a third.)  A TV News story features a charity run by a priest that makes veterans into bakery cooks.

What is missing here?  Any explanation on how bush, cheney, rumsfeld and their minions were able to spend one trillion on a war with out spending adequately on returning human wreckage from the 'war for profit.'  Why is the government relying on charity to to take care of veterans?  Because spending money on that doesn't give wartime profits to the defense industry and the likes of Blackstone mercenaries.

Watch those news commercials.  They are pretty revolting.


New Mexican said...

It disgusts me to no end to see the American public getting taken to the cleaners financially and mentally/emotionally with these "charities". With wounded veterans, they have an additional emotional button to push, patriotism.

There are an over abundance of feel good charities and charity causes out there. Thousands upon thousands of sites, churches, organizations etc., looking for your money and other "things" ranging from coats to toys for the needy. They are especially prevalent at Christmas, Thanksgiving and after some type of disaster and since the Bush wars, VETERANS.

You see them everywhere, on television, radio, most local churches and in front of Walmart ringing bells and asking for your money during the Christmas holiday. The bottom line is they want your money and in return you can pretend you "helped".

They are great at soothing the need on the part of some people to help out those most in need. The people/organizations know of this need on your part and the knowledge also exists on their part that they can use it to part you from your money.

These charities take advantage of both the needy and the folks who like to give a buck or two or a coat or toy. in return they get you and your address, yours and whoever else contributes to their causes. They get you to watch their channel and they get you to attend their church. That is the reason for their charity.

They don't give a damn about the status of society at large. Their end goal is money in the collection box, viewers or readers which increase their revenues.

They do very little when you look at the scope of the problem. They do very little for the root causes of the many problems.

Those can only be addressed by governments who have no ulterior motives, whose motives are to help all of their citizens.

Anonymous said...

I agree Jim this country is ass backwards but look on the bright side, Albuquerque has a 600sq. ft. ice skating arena and Gilbert is working hard to get a mile long slip and slide. More Berry Kool aid anyone???? Just think where we would be if your administration would have spent all your time thinking up those kind of morale boosters