Sunday, January 25, 2015


The Albuquerque Sunday Journal story on the Bernalillo County financial mess was informative.  Except for the labeling.  Every single time a quote was made or reference to an elected official the Journal seemed to think it was important to state whether the person was a democrat or republican.  It just jumped out at me this morning for some reason.  As if the Journal needed to label everyone mentioned as a politically charged person rather than an elected official.  So, I went and reread the article and pretended the words republican and democrat were not there.  Suddenly, it seemed like a pretty good debate on how the county ended up in the chaos it is enjoying right now.

All of the Commissioners are to blame.  They just spent too much money.  


Bubba Muntzer said...

Sociologists refer to that as binary thinking. Black and white. Fer us or agin' us. Republican good, Democrat bad with Democrat including Socialism and all other evil.

They are true believers at the Journal, their heads full of Republican campaign slogans that they believe add up to a theory called conservatism. They do, however, in those slogans, have an answer to everything. It's a marvel, really.

Anonymous said...

The Journal has always been very hypocritical when it comes to using party labels when it will help Republicans with their readers. Have you ever noticed that the Journal goes out of its way to emphasize City Municpal elections are non-partisan when the elections are being held but once the municipal elections are over, they go out of their way to identify who is the Republican and who is Democrat in City Council news? Remember how the Journal had no problem with Berry appointing two Republicans to predominantly Democratic Districts?