Thursday, January 08, 2015

Tax the Journal

The Albuquerque Journal continues their pogrom against the poor.  Now they are supporting the imposition of the gross receipts tax on food, because it will lower the tax rate overall.  Let's do a case study.  A poor mother needs to spend $2000 on food.  Right now she pays no tax on that.  A more well off citizen pays $2000 for a flat screen TV and he pays at a 5% rate....$100 in taxes.

Now reimpose the food tax so the overall rate of 5% can be lowered to 4.5%.  The poor mother will spend $90 in sales tax and the rich guy will get his flat screen for $10 less because his tax will be lower.  That is what such a regressive tax would do.  And it shows the complete disregard by the Journal owners, the Lang Family and their right wing editor Kent Walz, for many New Mexicans.  They seem to forget their favorite leaders have led New Mexico to the bottom of the pile in well being.

I think a pretty good way to get back at the Journal would be to repeal the law that exempts them from having to pay a sales tax on the sale of their newspapers.  Any bright moderate legislator could take this one on.

And the Mayor, business leaders and the Journal are all ganging for the passage of the so called 'right to work' bill.'  Another way to keep wages down for the poor. 

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