Monday, January 26, 2015

Kill Zone

Once again I will link this article on APD.  It is an incredibly strong indictment of APD and local leadership by the New Yorker Magazine.  


Anonymous said...

The February 2, 2015 New Yorker article "Your Son is Deceased" by Rachel Aviv was alarmingly revealing regarding Richard Berry and shows exactly why Berry was and is such a failure at stopping the number of fatal shootings during his watch by APD and why APD is where it is today: "Richard Berry, who was reëlected in 2013, told me [New Yorker reporter Rachel Aviv] he hoped that the department, by implementing the required reforms, would make Albuquerque a model for the rest of the nation. He traced the number of fatal shootings to the lack of mental-health services in the city, but declined to speculate about other factors that had led the department to its current state. “I just don’t spend any of my time or energy worrying about who did what, why, and when,” he said. “The last thing I want to do as mayor is play the blame game.” Berry's quote is an admission that he refuses to hold people within his administration accountable for their actions, even when their actions are negligent. Berry should have spent some time figuring out who was doing what wrong at APD and why during his first term and just maybe a few lives could have been saved. All Berry did for nine months during the last election was play the "blame game", saying that APD's problems were the fault of the previous Administration and he still plays the "blame game" to this day. When is Berry ever going to take responsibility for the action of his administration and how he has destroyed a fine police department

Bubba Muntzer said...

Another article about APD today at Daily Kos.

It doesn't have the circulation or weight of the New Yorker but it refers to a Jan. 15 article in the Washington Post that I was not aware of.

The daily Kos article is actually about police retaliation when people try to reform or indict them and its main focus is the Brandenberg case. It's a scary article.

And I'd just read an article about a 911 dispatcher being forced out of her job after she posted a couple comments about police brutality on her Facebook page. After police started harassing and stalking her she got the county to back her up but it continued and she resigned to protect her family.

The common thread through all these is that police see themselves as above the law and immune from everything and everyone. This didn't come about in a vacuum but is the result of changes in American culture. Conservatism, militarism, unregulated Capitalism.