Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Fiddle is to Nero as driver's licenses are to...........?

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Bubba Muntzer said...


The governor's still pushing things that would accelerate the race to the bottom for workers in this country and I hope Democrats stop all of it.

For example: luring companies here by letting them do business here for free without them chipping in for the state's expenses, which they help to incur. It makes it worse for us because we have to pick up the tab for their expenses. It's not just roads and bridges. Think of all the state services required for the economy. There's added police protection, fire services. It's a long list.

Same with a right to work law. From the Washington Post, hardly a Liberal bastion these days:

"So what effects do these laws have? There's a dizzying amount of research on the subject, but a few broad conclusions have emerged over the years: Right-to-work laws do weaken labor unions. The laws appear to tilt the balance of power so that workers reap fewer of the gains from growth. And it's still hard to find definitive evidence that right-to-work laws help (or harm) a state's overall economy."