Saturday, March 14, 2015

ABQ Journal vs. Solar

The Saturday edition of the Albuquerque Journal has once again enabled the fossil fuel funded whack jobs to say that Solar renewable energy is a bad thing.  Quotes from the Rio Grande Foundation and an Oped from the so called 'Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy' have cast doubt on the idea of solar rooftop installations and strong renewable requirements aimed at Utilities.  The Alliance is run by Marita Noon, poster girl for the "Merchants of Doubt."

They are fighting a losing battle at this point.  Yesterday I played golf at Santa Ana Golf Club.  I hadn't been there since the first of the year.  I arrived to find the large parking lot covered with 269 Kilowatts of Solar panels placed atop new shade structures, similar to this photo.  The construction guys  there said it would totally cover needs of the facility which includes two restaurants.

It is interesting to watch the old coal, oil and generating model unraveling.  It can't happen soon enough.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Their argument that solar is going to cost more so we shouldn’t bother with it is a good one. I don’t even need their electricity. My ice box works just fine. I wish the government hadn’t got involved in automobiles. Brakes and doors sent the price of a car through the roof. Who needs clean air? Who needs sewer and water? Where did all these stop lights come from?

Vicki said...