Monday, March 23, 2015

Commissioners on the Precipice

Bernalillo County Commissioners have done a outrageously poor job of managing in the last few years.  They just raised our taxes because they were fiscally irresponsible and have walked themselves into an almost 20% deficit.  That is huge. Now they are asking department heads to cut 10% from their budgets.  This is draconian but necessary due to their malfeasance.

 Now they want to compound problems  by getting ready to approve the master plan for the Santolina mega development on the west side of Albuquerque. This will be another long term financial disaster for all of  us, unless some very hard and stringent requirements are insisted upon to keep the county from raiding taxpayer pockets to pay subsidies for the developers.

Of course all of this is happening at the same time the close in Mesa Del Sol project is languishing because of our horrible economy in Albuquerque and New Mexico.  The weak leadership we are experiencing in the Governor's and Mayor's office in job creation has slowed down the recovery of that ready to go development.  And so, why should we let the county commit us to a development ten miles out of Albuquerque?  This all happens at the same time many existing county areas are in great need of redevelopment and infrastructure investment.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Where those are going in is where traffic backs up to now in the morning. From Coors or Unser and sometimes as far back as 98th Street, to downtown, which is like you say ten miles, is a big parking lot for an hour or two depending on whether there's an accident, which happen every few days. I wouldn't know what they have planned for the extra traffic that'll be pouring onto I-40. It's hard to see how they can increase its capacity much, then there's the I-25 junction where it all goes down to two lanes, then one.

If development was along I-25 people could use the Rail Runner, which is already a popular way of going for professionals. It's capacity can be expanded by simply adding another, train then another.

There's got to be jobs of course for people to get so they can pay for those new houses up there. But those real estate development speculators are smart guys, I'm sure. I'm sure they have it figured where they'll make money off it whether they sell or not, and they know exactly where it will come from. Us.

One way or the other. A lot of it will be from tax write offs they can use if those don't sell, if the land just sits there along either side of the new roads we've built, to get out of paying taxes on other investments. The tax code is made for real estate developers.

Anonymous said...

Can you spell Movida, Art? From spring home show cleaning of Your neighborhood to spring cleaning of the taxpayer AGAIN. YOU GO ART!!