Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I can't begin to fathom the paranoia that a High School Senior Class has caused by naming the theme for their prom.....Prom..unism.  The right wing thinks they have turned into a bunch of commies and the fringe are reacting like McCarthyites.

That 'ism' is scary to them.  How about Catholicism, Presbyterianism, republicanism, egoism and several hundred other isms in this list?

And if it does represent communism I am overjoyed because I had been under the impression that most high school seniors would not know what it is.  I remember our Sophmore year at St Pius X HS in Albuquerque when Father Alan Cushing taught a civics class.  The first semester he indoctrinated us into being commies.  We would wear armbands with the hammer and sickle.  Then in the second semester he would demolish that form of government as American Catholic priests were required to do.  I can't imagine this course could ever be presented today because of our current right wing tea party crazies marching on the school boards.

And of course the media loves a story about this kind of thing.  They should get as upset with the term racism.  Which is exactly what the President of Oklahoma University has done by throwing off of campus the SAE fraternity for singing a song in which they stated a 'nigger' would never be a member of the SAE. Read the statement here.

You have to see the SAE  video of it to believe it.   Those guys would all qualify as members of Mitch McConnell's Senate Majority who are willing to destroy our nation by obstructing at every turn a black President's effort to govern.


Anonymous said...

Given the source of the stink over this, I would dub the story a KRQE-ism.

Bubba Muntzer said...

The wildly inaccurate (ahem) and rabidly anti Commie comments made by the old cold warrior types in the Journal's article show there's a ways to go before the stigma tied to words like Communism and Socialism fall by the wayside, which they will as the Cold War generation die off replaced by young people who haven't been fed anti Soviet, anti Red Chinese hysteria with their baby formula, and who, as shown in a 2011 Pew Research poll, have more positive than negative feelings about Socialism and think it's a better system than Capitalism.


The ism with an image that's on a downward trajectory among the youth is Conservatism, tisk tisk.

A lot of these ditto Fox News head types will have to kill themselves off in home handgun accidents, too, as even the young'ns have come to use the word "Socialist" to denote basically anything they don't understand, don't like, or haven't seen written on their underwear label.