Tuesday, March 24, 2015


We are trying something new in our household.  We will now only get the Sunday editions of the Journal and New York Times and read the digital versions on all other days.  We tried it for the first time today and both the Journal and Times have excellent apps that make it seem like you have an actual paper.  Except no ink stains and small print.  At least on iPads.  Bobbi traded in her old one yesterday for a new one with better screen capabilities.  I really like the font size options on the digital versions.  As for the crosswords, I will now just buy books full of them.

I am getting convinced that social media is turning America into a land of paranoid citizens.  We have had some problems with crime in our close north valley neighborhood, although the overall crime rate is down.  Now every time there is an incident the list serve fills up with scared comments and how everything is going to hell around here.  Yesterday someone saw two strangers in our public park and called the police because they might be homeless drug addicts.  They were asleep in the park and not causing any problems, but well, they were just there!  The good thing is that neighbors around here really look out for each other.  We did manage to get one of the burglars arrested by working with APD.

County Commissioner Art de la Cruz should opt out of voting on that ill advised Santolina development on the far...far west side of Albuquerque.  Even before he was to listen to testimony on the project, he was supporting it on the Albuquerque Journal's OPED page.  A huge blunder on is part.

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