Monday, March 09, 2015


The new State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn is making a lot of amateurish blunders as he tries to grease the skids for friends and family.  He gave a lucrative contract to a Otero County Commissioner, Ronnie Rardin, who in turn attempted to give Aubrey Dunn's son more work representing Otero County by trying to fire the County Attorney.  This Commissioner Rardin, a Christian Pastor and sagebrush rebellion rancher wing nut has an interesting past.  Just google him.  Like the time he tried to walk into the courthouse with a fully loaded semiautomatic pistol.

Commissioner Dunn's son doesn't like me much after I criticized their campaign for putting up blatant lies on TV in order to oust incumbent Commissioner Ray Powell, who just sat there and did nothing to counter it and thus lost the race.  Here is what this good Christian man had to say about me last November.
And Otero County wants him representing them?  Well, I guess not because the other Commissioners
said no.

State Auditor Tim Keller put out a release on his investigation into unused funds sitting around the state treasury.  Most of them are restricted in that they must be used for certain purposes.  But it might be time to look at freeing up some of the other funds to put together a pot of money for economic development.  Or maybe the cities and counties could get some relief on their infrastructure needs.  One wonders if there can be any sort of imaginative thinking in the Governor's office or Legislature to make this kind of thing happen!


Bubba Muntzer said...

Not to be catty but A Blair Dunn seems more a description than a name. I think anyone who has a phrase for a name is going to be a little erratic. I knew a kid named A Vase Of Roses who was always trying to ship himself by UPS.

Incidentally, I notice a Blair Dunn is fond of posting memes about Theodore Roosevelt, apparently unaware that Teddy Roosevelt gave federal protection to vast parts of the country from grown men who go around wearing cowboy costumes.

When I was growing up, Teddy Roosevelt was known as "The Trust Buster," for using the power of the federal government to break up the large monopolies that had a stranglehold on the economy and politics, and also known for increasing business regulation, regulating rates for the railroads, instituting our programs of federal food and drug inspections, and for starting a progressive insurrection in the Republican Party.

The phrase "throw a rope at" by the way was written by a screenwriter from Chicago named James Grant.

Anonymous said...

Extremely hard to believe how even the Journal editorial blasted Dunn and his son over Rardin's hiring and attempts to give the son a contract. Makes me wonder if Ken Waltz and Dan Herera were on vacation at the time it was written. The Journal then says Dunn has the "bulk" of his term to redeem himself instead of the usual "voters need to remember" or "voters made a mistake in electing". The Journal editors totally ignored Dunn's plans to put an oil derrick in front of the office to replace the "hope" sculptur.

Anonymous said...

Sure didn't take Aubrey long to hook his kid to the State tit. And the Journal thinks he's going to "redeem" himself over his remaining term of office? Dream on. What they meant was that he should be more skilled in hiding his tracks.

Anonymous said...

I would cull Larry Barker from the heard.

Michael Morris said...

Mr. Dunn has an impressive track record. He seems to lose every time he goes to court and sues every person critical of him. His most significant flaw is insecurity manifest in the form of a hair trigger temper. After I posted some case law in the Alamogordo paper comments suggesting he was a liar trying to make a quick buck spanking the gullible he entered the local Tea Party Facebook group trying to find my physical location calling me an idiot, criminal and liar. Some in that group used the opportunity to ask what Dunn was doing to earn his fees, the standing of the county and a few similar questions. Dunn refused to answer and really blew a fuse resulting in the eventual removal of his comments and his exit taking his marbles. He is a serious liability for Otero County and an amusement for the judiciary. His defamation suit against the AG's office - specifically Phil Sisneros was recently dismissed in Roswell.