Monday, March 30, 2015


The Albuquerque Journal has done it it again with a skewed headline saying New Mexico is the number one dependent of the federal government.  Its Business section today made it look like a shameful thing.  Like our National Research Labs are a bad thing?  The article says we should diversify.  I agree, but our Governor and Albuquerque Mayor don't provide the leadership to pull it off.  It also says the federal government owns one quarter of the land in this state.  Actually, those are public lands owned by all Americans.  We agreed to that when we became a state in 1912.  Maybe the headline writer and reporter should educate themselves just a little bit. And maybe the editor of the paper should edit rather than just be a partisan lackey for the GOP and fossil fuel boys.

HBO's documentary on Scientology was an excellent piece on the weirdness of cults and religions.  I don't mean to offend anyone, but that kind of expose could be done on any old or modern day religion.  Scientology's end game may be at hand after this eye-opener, but they have amassed great wealth from their brainwashed members.

I am sure it has never been hard for readers of this blog to understand I am not a believer.  I happen to believe my creator was a star going Nova in the past.  That created the elements that eventually became Jim Baca.  However, I don't think that believers are stupid or ignorant.  Religion is just a way for them to live their lives, like being an atheist is a way for me to live mine.  I am pretty comfortable with it all until I see the abuses that religion heaps upon the innocent.  From Catholic pedophile priests to bible thumping fundamentalists who hate gays and love assault rifles.  But, really most believers are okay as long as they don't try and make you believe what they believe.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jim. What caused the star going Nova that resulted in your creation to go Nova?

Jim Baca said...

I am pretty sure it wasn't an old white guy who lives in the clouds and hands out wings.

Anonymous said...

Just viewed the HBO Documentary on Scientology. L Ron Hubbard was a NUT BAR. It was like watching a rich version of Jonestown and Waco. Just can't believe it took those former followers so long to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

There should be a contest on all the things a headline could say about Albuquerque that is also totally true.

"Albuquerque leads nation worst economic growth."

"Albuquerque leads nation in police officer retirement and resignations."