Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Albuquerque Mayor Berry has come up with $2 million dollars to throw at six nonprofit organizations to help deal with homeless problems.  The NGOs are there with their hands out and will probably put the money to good but scatter shot use.  But the fact of the matter is that this is only a kind gesture that will have little or no impact on homelessness.  This problem will not be solved until the division of wealth in this country is fixed through fair taxation of the very rich.  This $2 million dollars could leak away from a one percenter and they probably wouldn't even notice.

The Albuquerque Journal is certainly going the way of local TV News.  Two major doggie stories today.  One is a syrupy front pager and another is a nice photo of dog cuddling at UNM covering a major space on the Metro page.  Pretty soon the paper will devote as much to lost doggie stories as Facebook does to cat videos.  Arghhhhhh!

Can you imagine a presidential candidate in the USA warning voters that they better get to the polls because there are a lot of black people voting?  That is what essentially happened for Israel when that racist warmonger Netanyahu urged right-wingers to the polls yesterday because there were to many Arabs voting.  How can this country support that nation any longer?  His reelection may spell a real dissolution for Israel.

One wonders if the folks at  UNM are celebrating the loss of former UNM Regent Jaime Koch.  I am betting there are a few toasts being offered behind closed doors.  But what happens now, with two vacancies on that board?

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Anonymous said...

You have to wonder where did Berry come up with $2 million to help 3 non profits and why now? The money no doubt will be coming from the general fund at the expense of other essential services and without any real council input. $2 million dollars for one year will do very little to solve the homeless problem when it will take millions a year in reoccurring revenue. The County just enacted tax increase and $8 million a year will be dedicated to providing services to the homeless and mentally ill. Berry opposed the County Tax increase and his efforts look feeble at best in comparison to what is needed to solve the problem.

Have you noticed how the Albuquerque Journal is looking more and more like a small town newspaper? The paper has a few stories written by its reporters and the majority of the stories are from the wire services with the obituaries and photos of the deceased now 10 time bigger than what they use to print for filler. I now hate reading page one of the Metro Section and then turning to page 2 to finish reading the story and seeing all the dead people on page 3, and they are not even listed in alphabetical order!

The Journals reporting is what you see in small towns in New Mexico like Gallup, Farmington, Raton and Portales. But then again, Albuquerque is becoming a small town in New Mexico with all the people leaving.