Wednesday, March 11, 2015


One wonders who controls the New Mexico State Legislature.  My opinion is that the one percenters and the religious fundamentalists get to decide how much time is frittered away in committees and on the floors of the State Senate and House.  Going right along with that is the media who thinks these issues are what is important.  I am talking about so called 'right to work' and anti abortion bills.  Every year these waste time and every year they go down to defeat.  But these greedy and holy folks just don't seem to care that other more important issues, like job creation and infrastructure rebuilding, just get shoved aside in order to engage in culture wars.  This will never end.

Those High School Seniors have backed down on having a theme of "Prom...unism" for their Prom after the right wing was aroused by Channel 13's new bid to become the National Enquirer of New Mexico.  One can only wonder if the Station manager, news director, producers and reporters are all on the payrolls of those two groups I mentioned above.  Everything they do is aimed at reporting more geared to the 1950's rather than a new millennium.  So far as I know, Larry Barker might be the only journalist left there and he is marginalized towards mostly attacking government in his reports.


Anonymous said...

Larry Barker has never been a journalist even going back as far as when he and Conroy Chino were a team back in the 1980's acting like investigative reporters. Larry has always marched to a different drummer and his syle and brand should have been dropped years ago by Ch 13. Barker has never met and elected or government official he has liked and is only concerned about finding stories to trash government workers and elected officials. I cannot recall even one single positive story on any one he has ever covered over the years. Barker and his station are always quick to take credit for any corrective actions taken after they do their little expose that usually amount to much ado about nothing. You kind of wonder what they pay this clown and the resentment he creates from younger reporters.

Anonymous said...

A group of concerned citizens created a gofundme webpage for the Ham Family to pay the $5,000 to the City of Albuquerque. Hopefully enough people are disgusted with Mayor Berry and Rob Perry to support the efforts. The page is here:

Bubba Muntzer said...

So called right to work is exactly right. Thanks for pointing that out as you have several times.

Graeme Moore writing in Socialist Worker argues that unions have erred in adopting a phrase designed by Chambers of Commerce and Capital and instead should call it an "Okay to Leech" law and "Okay to leech" state, which is exactly what it is. It's getting a free ride in terms of the pay and benefits others have worked and sacrificed to win for you.

He points out that the great American writer Jack London gave us the word "scab" to denote those who cross picket lines and that we need an equally descriptive term.

New Mexican said...

I agree with comment number 1. He right about "Barker". The name fits Larry to a T.

As for the issues the legislature deals with, remember the Republican hot button issue and their management of those same issues. They are masters at this and it is working, just look at the last election here and nationwide and watch as they pull Democrats to the right. At the same time the far left want to legalize pot and provide marriages for homosexuals.

The Republicans are beating Democrats with their hot button issue management, beating them and making them look like fools.

Anonymous said...

Larry Barker a journalist??!! Only if one thinks that presenting one-sided tabloid sensationalist stories is the new definition of journalism. Pulitzer Prize journalist Hank Prewhitt is turning over in his grave. Barker is a mean, nasty, unfair deceptive person. Contrary to his station's claims, he is not fair and objective and does not even attempt to investigate other sides of a story. He deliberately exploits sensational stories--accurate or not. He is mendacious and unscrupulous. Is this "journalism" in its modern form?

Anonymous said...

KRQE is pandering to the same crowd Fox does, the angry old white people. Fear of the government, fear of those who don't look or think like them...anything to keep the fear and anger stirred up. However, all of them are more distraction than news. They ran the story of the bus running into the house on every local news broadcast, every day for 4 days straight. It's all just distraction. Meanwhile Republicans in every level of government in every state and in Washington, were busy passing anti-abortion laws, right to work(for less), gutting environmental protections, attempting to fast track the Trans Pacific Partnership, which btw will destroy what is left of any decent paying jobs, and generally just doing only what benefits the 1%, who now own our government. None of these things are even close to what they campaigned on. This is where the news gives them cover. No one is paying attention, so then they come out like a pack of wild animals and blame the President and the Democrats. The Democrats have got to start doing the same thing because with the repubs passing very restrictive voting laws, and the 1% making sure they have all the money they need to dominate all print, radio, and tv to get their lies out, and also thanks to the activist Supreme Court, there is nothing in their way. The Democrats have just got to do a better job of messaging.

Then there is the generation that the repubs are doing everything in their power to train to be just smart enough to follow direction, but not so much that they question pay or anything else that would cut into the corporate profits. That's what all of this teaching to test is about, that and to destroy public schools and the teachers unions. Privatization of anything, everything, is their only goal. The generation that is in college has never lived in a society where abortion wasn't legal, they never had to fight for the rights that the unions fought, and some died, to give them the 40 hour week, paid overtime, weekends off, etc., voting rights, etc. Things that the repubs are chipping away at daily. Everyone needs to wake up and start fighting back NOW or blood will end up being shed once again just to get back what we already had!

Anonymous said...

Larry Barker is a tool. The guy could used a good old fashioned trip behind the woodshed.