Saturday, March 14, 2015

That UNM Regent Thing

What are the qualifications for a prospective University Regent in New Mexico?  So far as I can tell the only qualification is that you are a money funnel for the current sitting governor's campaigns.  And I mean any sitting governor, and not just Susana Martinez.

The current chaos around Matt Chandler, who's confirmation was denied by the New Mexico Senate, and the subsequent resignation of that go either way political fund raising Regent Jaime Koch is intriguing.  Why exactly did Koch feel he should resign?  Was there some deal that he would garner support for the governor's good buddy and rightwing fundraiser Chandler?  And when he failed he was told to resign?  Well, we will never know.  What a silly mess on everyone's part! And, what a peculiar system.

But the fact of the matter is that some serious thought and debate should be put into writing up qualifications for prospective Regents of all our higher ed institutions.  Like maybe a few of them could have some experience dealing with faculties, students, research, and such?  Not all regents, but at least half, maybe? Since the legislature has sent only one bill to the Governor since convening 53 days ago, the chance for any reform is about zero.  Oh, the bill that was sent was to fund the work of the legislature.


Anonymous said...

To para phrase something that you once said "a [democrat] who pretends to be a democrat but shows no inclination to act like one..." That is Jamie Koch in a nut shell. Jamie Koch, even when he was Chairman of the Party, acted like a democrat only when he got something in return for himself. Koch has always played both side of the fence. He even endorsed Berry for re-election over a Democrat.

The two I cannot figure out what they were thinking is Hector Balderas writing a letter of endorsement for Chandler and Brian Colon actually testifying before the Senate Committee on behalf of Chandler. Chandler is as right wing as they come and as partisan as they come and I doubt if he would ever help Balderas or Colon in any manner. Being a water boy for the Governor does not make Chandler qualified to be a regent.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Mallows when they were regents at UNM.

Anonymous said...

We need leaders who play both sides of the fence, as long as it's for the benefit of the people of the state. We need professional compromisers. Any stubborn mule can stay entrenched. Some people these days thinks that's a sign of a "good" politician! That's crazy.
Kayla Krattiger in Eastern NM