Thursday, March 12, 2015


Apparently the stupidity  of right wing male political leaders isn't just confined to the good ole USA.  The Canadian Prime Minister is now suffering from a backlash from women in Canada for saying face veils are not liked by Canadians.  Read about it here.  It is funny.  And this is right up there with our own Senate Republicans lousing up a bill to strengthen laws against human trafficking by adding anti choice measures for women.  I am beginning to think that the human species is self selecting for extinction by continually electing male  morons to lead us.

Which leads me to Hillary Clinton.  Why are so many pundits saying she is the only one Democrats are thinking about as a Presidential candidate?  I certainly would pick her over anyone from the bush family, but frankly I am just tired of the Clinton/bush oligarchy.  Let's find some new blood and fast.  I say look to Senator Kirstin Gillibrand for a female candidate, or some young male Senator like a Martin Heinrich.  Let's go for someone at least 25 years younger that that war loving John McCain.  And I say this as a guy who is almost seventy.

Speaking of which, looks like I might make it to 80 after completing my prostate cancer radiation treatments today.  I got 45 sessions with a sophisticated machine.  I have been somewhat trapped for the last nine weeks as I went through this regime.  I put almost 900 miles on my car going back and forth every morning.  It was like going to work before I retired.  But now I can go back to a decent diet and I can do my early morning walks with no fatigue.  Thanks to the science, Doctors and radiation therapists at the New Mexico Cancer Center for being so professional and efficient.

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One big reason why I am no longer a Catholic nor do I belong to organized religion is that most religions don't view women as equal. Some of these religions that maintain a woman's role to medieval values are the Catholic church, evangelical, and the Muslim religion. As a woman I can't belong to any religion that dictates how women should dress, act, nor gives women any leadership roles in the church and society. Organized religion to me is based on power to control people with fear of an abstract concept as hades. The world would be a better place if we didn't have organized religion.