Sunday, March 01, 2015

Say It Isn't So!

And did the governor's office ask that this be done?  This could turn into a very interesting story.  I hope it gets legs.


Anonymous said...

Did you see KRQE 13's one-sided slam job on this? (Oh, yeah, you probably don't watch since Knipfing moved on, eh?) Anyway, the intelligent designers got lots of talk time, and the public employees caught in the middle wouldn't or couldn't talk, probably told not to so as not to embarrass the governor. But what about interviewing someone sticking up for Charles Darwin, science and reason? Not on that channel. The reporter's official biography says she's active in her church. Wonder if that had something to do with it. Just more fair and balanced, I guess, not.

Anonymous said...

No wonder New Mexico is 49th and 50th in education. We are run by fools who believe is fairy dust and ghosts. This is shameful.

Anonymous said...

Engineers? SANDIA engineers? Did they get hit in the head real hard? "Tremendous body of evidence?" Yep, you're screwed and so is anybody else who buys this garbage.

I'm sad for all of us.