Sunday, August 30, 2015

Deftly Done

Attorney General Hector Balderas handled the Secretary of State issue very professionally.  It would have been easy to hold a grandiose news conference to blindside the Governor on her good friend's problems.  But he called and briefed her.  Then he sent a news release out on a Friday afternoon about Diana Duran's stupendous alleged gambling and money laundering problems.  Then he left town so no one could get comments from him.  It was deftly done.

It should cut the republican party off at the knees on any charges of grandstanding.  


Anonymous said...

Time for charges on Tasergate!

Hector, the bald man in the white hat.

Tazio Nuvolari said...

Mind Blowing. Heart Breaking.

This exemplifies why our Beautiful State is still stuck in the 19th century and the Lincoln County wars.

Bubba Muntzer said...

That's a good post. Very insightful.

And uplifting! It seems like there's been a long string of bad, depressing, bad news, but that wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Hector rocks, the way he canned what 20 former AG employees to start anew with his own crew to fight corruption was genius.
He now needs to clean up ABQ/APD then on to the Round House.
In 40 years here never seen such a mess.