Monday, August 03, 2015

Photo Ops

Someone set off explosive devices in containers near a couple of churches in Las Cruces, and the Governor runs down there for a photo op.  This may or may not be a criminal act.  Exploded mailboxes and trashcans.  There wasn't even any damage to show in the paper, but for a few photos of people praying.  But the Governor is never one to shun spreading the fear, because that is how she and the GOP hope to stay in power.  Make every little thing into a big thing and scare the crap out of the wandering public.  And the media is right there filling up their ravenous search for the paranoia inducing stories.

Here is an idea for the Governor.  Visit a colonias on the outskirts of Albuquerque to see how the poor live and try to scratch out an existence.  That is a thousandfold times more important than exploded mail boxes.  That  is where the real fear exists.  But, for you to visit that place would be to admit that not all is well under your leadership and nonexistent economic policy.  


Bubba Muntzer said...

Thanks for binging attention to this.

Republicans are experts at the art of getting elected while furthering the agenda of the upper class, by doing what you've pointed out. That should leave the field wide open for Democrats to campaign on the basis furthering the economic interests of the majority. Not to beat a dead donkey, but it's pretty hard to do that when you're passing trade treaties designed to make American workers more "competitive" with workers in third world countries, voting for final budgets that cut social spending during in every single year of a Democratic president's term in office, and doing all kinds of other things that will create more colonias, as our elected Democrats are doing now.

Democrats could bring attention to colonias by going there themselves, instead of posing for photo ops at local businesses and trotting down to make speeches at the Chamber of Commerce, as they do now. There's the problem of the electorate, of course. They'd rather see their politicians posing at prosperous businesses than at communities with no water or sewer systems. That points out where the Democrats have to start, instead of doing what they are doing, which is taking the easy way.

There's a case to be made that policies that put money in the pockets of working Americans is better for the economy. There's a case to be made that helping the poor is the right thing to do. Democrats aren't making it. Go look at their web sites. Look at the NM Democratic Party web site. You will see isolated things that sound nice -- getting better water to pueblos, protecting women's reproductive rights -- but not the concerted overall message that would bring the electorate around to where it needs to be. They've given up on that. In exchange for Wall Street money, partly, but there's more to it than that. For the rest of the answer they have to look into their own souls, and so do we.

Anonymous said...

On the Summit Park neighborhood site which I am a member there were reports that two churches in the UNM area were broken into and vandalized recently. One was the church on Girard and Lomas the other one was on Richmond.

Anonymous said...

Why has the Democratic Party in NM not bad mouthed its former leader( or lack of leader) Sam I love the camera Bregman, for the last elections failures? Forget getting tough on Republicans when they don't get tough on their own!!