Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fair is Fair

There are some republican legislators demanding that an independent group look at the long term problems that might occur with the release of hard rock mining waste into the Animas River by the EPA's screw up during remediation efforts.  That is a fair request.  But only if the same legislators demand the same kind of investigation into the long term effects of fracking for increased oil and gas production in the same regions of the state.  Will those Farmington legislators do the right thing in asking for this assessment?  Oh, Hell No, because that would involve profits.  The same kind of profit motives that lead to the mine waste and abandoned mines all over the Rocky Mountains.


Soraya said...

How we can be so utterly careless today with all the knowledge we now posses is beyond words. As with all toxic/oil spill incidents this could have been avoided. Long term effects will tell a story of a people whose priorities were greatly misplaced. ~ The Wandering Naturalist |

Ok, then said...

Not on topic, but I thought you'd be interested in this listing of odds on who'll be the next US president.

What caught my eye was Susanna Martinez's name listed, with the same odds as Joe Biden!