Thursday, August 27, 2015


Of course we can be assured that  the APS School Superiendent will now keep his job since the Chamber of Commerce announced support for him, as well as their bedmates at the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board.  Now, I am convinced that the Governor's Office is involved in this mess because Susana gets what she wants from those two groups.  It seems logical anyway.

The Governor has just had a giant dent put in her armor, and she probably doesn't realize since she has done nothing.  I mean that the national animal rights groups could well descend on New Mexico because Susana's Game and Fish Commission has just approved the barbaric practice of trapping our indigenous mountain lions in leg hold traps.  This is repulsive to most everyone I know and the Governor just sits and does nothing.  It will backfire soon if she doesn't do something to stop it.

I went out to a shooting range today with a friend to practice long range marksmanship.  He shot at 600 yards, I shot at 200.  I did well with my sixty year old scoped .270 hunting rifle.  He had a state of the art long  range gun and grouped his shots in a four inch circle.I have always been shooting sports kind of guy.  I was a member of the NRA as a kid learning gun safety.  I was an avid upland bird hunter for years and a clay shooting enthusiast.  I got to be pretty good.  But then when the NRA and the unrestricted weaponizing of America took over, I just lost interest.  But as today showed, I didn't lose all of the skill.

We talked out on the range about what it would take to close loopholes in the gun laws.  I said that the shootings yesterday, since it involved journalists, might finally create some velocity on the issue.  Dead school children didn't do it, but pretty young reporters got everyone's attention.  And sure enough there are a lot of journalists crying for action now, rather than just reporting another murder.


Anonymous said...

So the dots are connected. One more dot and the puzzle is complete, Brad Winter and the family reunion is complete.

Anonymous said...

LMAO Jim cause today the journal wants the AG to investigate APS violation of the open meetings act because they were not allowed to view a vote Thursday. This is what the journal finds to be a violation of law . Susan you got nothing to worry about, all your misdeeds don't even come close to an open meetings violation. As always You can't invent this shit!!

Anonymous said...

US Marshal Conrad Candelaria's remarks to the ultra right wing, tea party group, the New Mexico Business coalition, that attacks on police officers are hate crimes and that there should be "tougher and enhanced penalties" for crimes against cops was a little over the top. As a former APD Commander, Candelaria knows better. Such "tougher and enhanced penalties" already exist in the form of separate categories of crimes perpetrated against police officers such as "aggravated assault on a police officer", "aggravated battery on a police officer" ect., which elevates the crimes from 4th to 3rd degree felonies and increases penalties. APD was attempting to arrest James Boyd for "aggravated assault" on a police officer before they opened fire on him and killed him.

New Mexican said...

The New Mexico Game Commission’s Thursday decisions on cougar trapping and bear hunting is ok with me. I have bears 3-4 nights of the week in my yard. In town they are ruining fruit trees, agitating dogs all night long and even breaking into houses within the city limits here in NE New Mexico. I personally have petitioned the Game and Fish to up the hunting licenses.

Jim Baca said...

New Mexican,

We are not talking about bears in you fruit trees. We are talking about native wildlife in their ranges. If you have never seen the results of leg hold traps, then I can understand your lack of concern on this issue. Watch a documentary about them. I am surprised at your stand on this.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of dots Jim, check out Valentinos resume. High School where? You guessed it El Paso. Didn't Ms denim jacket graduate from an El Paso high school too? Dots almost connect themselves. Next the dots will connect Valentino and Chester the Molester. All we have to do is wait a while and the dots will connect board pres. to a meeting with Valentino and Susana.