Saturday, August 08, 2015

Pigs at the Trough

It is hilarious.  The right wing is all over the EPA for screwing up that clean up job of mine tailings near Silverton, Co.

Yeah, it was bad and a major screw up,  but everyone seems to forget that corporate miners left the poisonous tailings to be cleaned up by the taxpayers.  This was even after they probably got all the gold out without paying royalties because of a federal mining law passed in 1872 by President Grant.

And a rancher, who is subsidized to graze on federal lands said in the Albuquerque Journal, when he brings his cows down from federal pastures he won't be able to let them drink down at the polluted river for a time.  Science knows that letting cattle onto a river is an extremely polluting and debilitating practice for western riparian areas.  And he was quoted as saying if a private person had screwed up the river that they would be sentenced to ten years in jail.  Has anyone ever been sent to jail for such things....not in my memory.  Not ever.

So the resource extraction industries on federal lands continually screw the taxpayer, and then they blame all the problems on the people who try to clean up their disastrous policies.  It is just too much.


Anonymous said...

Jim, don't forget that Susie got really mad too cause the Feds screwed up, too bad she hasn't got her panties in a thither over the Wipp Site..I know I know she can't handle two crisis at once and Google leaving has her wrinkling her new denim vest. I hope the Donald calls her soon so we can continue the decline of our once great state.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Touchdown Baca!

Great post. Total destruction. Oh that you were writing editorials for a paper in Albuquerque that had wide circulation.

And Capitalists had to bring their money and buy ads because for it was what the people read, and Republican mayors and governors would snatch up their copies and feverishly page through them with trembling fingers.

I can dream, can't I? Seriously, that's one thorough takedown.

Anonymous said...

I wish Susana would stand up to Trump. He's making our state look bad. Like we're second to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

But don't forget that the farmers are the ones who will be devastated by the loss of income from production of crops we all rely on. This issue does not impact just those who ranch.