Friday, August 28, 2015

House of Slots

Remember earlier this week when, in posting on the APS disaster, that it 'just doesn't get any better than this."?  I was wrong.

Now our republican Secretary of State Diana Duran has been charged with 61 counts of using campaign money for  personal use, and it appears according to AG Hector Balderas, that she used the money in casinos around the state.

If this were a Netflix series it could be called "House of Slots."


Anonymous said...

Jim where did you find this? I hope it was not in the journal, please say it ain't so. I'm sure the journal doesn't want the AG to investigate this allegation, because in the end it will be Bills fault for allowing Casinos! LMAO

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the ABQ Free Press. They broke the story this week of how APD Command Staff has illegally redirected money from their budget to give themselves (and only the 19 members of the command staff) what amounts to a 10% pay raise! Some of these deputy chief and commanders are receiving an extra $12,000 per year! This is money that was not meant for them and it is illegal for them to place it in their pockets. What will the city council do? Why hasn't Richard Berry ordered this program ended? Why haven't they demanded that these 19 pay the taxpayers back the money they illegally redirected to themselves? You can't make this up. New Mexico and Albuquerque have got to be the most corrupt state and city in the country.

Anonymous said...

What allows corruption to rein is the fact our media is corrupt, too. Kent Walz would engage in any criminal activity, as long as he gets to call the shots and control things from behind the scene. He is part of the "continuing criminal enterprise" that runs our community and the police department. If Berry were to go, Watz would be impotent and merely a mean spirited editor of a failed and failing newspaper.