Friday, August 21, 2015

Jared and Josh

Corporate media and corporate America just love it.  Distractions that is.  Think about the amount of airtime and column inches given in the last few days to Jared Fogle of Subway sandwich fame and Josh Dugger of reality TV fame on their sexual crimes.  Celebrity is a two edged sword in modern America.  And that is the way the ultra conservative one percenters and their owned media want it to be.  It keeps people in ignorance in order to ensure profits.

Today there was a story on how 2015 will surely be the hottest year in recorded history.  Our scientists are worried that global heating is happening much faster that originally predicted.  And yet this story will get less attention than Jared and Josh.  And then there is Donald Trump to take up the slack.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Indeed, and the people whose attention is so diverted are also the undecided voters who decide elections.

When we say undecided voters we're actually saying people who haven't really kept up with what's been going on. The Founding Indian Exterminators and Slave Owners actually tried to prevent this from happening, enshrining in law press freedoms and economic incentives such as cheap mailing rates for published material.

Although "tried" might be overstating it, because they devoted a lot more time and attention, evidenced by the amount of space devoted to it in the constitution, to making sure an economic ruling class would develop and that it would posses the means to eliminate all the things -- fair elections, legal constraints, etc. -- that impede profits.