Sunday, August 09, 2015

Protection Racket

One can only assume the Albuquerque Journal is running a protection racket for the Governor.  Case in point is the surprisingly good editorial today against trapping of mountain lions.  It was a scheme cooked up by the Governor's appointees to the Game and Fish Commission.  But her name was never mentioned in the editorial, although that cowboy fundamentalist Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn took it on the chin for his cooperation.

And then there is the fact that the Journal is supporting the Governor's selective approach to environmental disasters in the state.  She is all over the EPA for their disaster on those mine tailings.  It is easy for the Governor to go after an federal agency, but when has she ever gone after someone in the oil and gas industry?  In fact the first thing she did when she took office was the eradication of the pit rule that the oil boys didn't like.  That pit rule protected water from oil and gas related pollution.  So, the Journal continues its favorable treatment of an anti environment Governor, except when she can attack an environmental agency for a mistake in trying to clean up polluters waste sites.

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