Monday, August 31, 2015

The Best Way

The APS Board bit the bullet and forced a resignation of the hapless new School Superintendent Luis Valentino.  He showed the good sense to get out of town with an unspecified buy out, which when he was hired said he would never ask for.  But, this was the best possible outcome.

Now Secretary of State Diana Duran should also resign, on her own, before her life becomes even more complicated than just having a gambling addiction.  She should do it immediately to save us all some tax payer money on further investigations.  Trust in the system governing voting and campaign reporting needs to be rebuilt.

And, Governor Susana Martinez had better get a wide ranging consensus on who she would appoint to serve out Duran's term in office.  For everyone's sake it better be a bipartisan appointment of someone who believes in getting people to the ballot box.  We will watch this closely.

And inquiring minds still want to know who ratted out Duran.  Perhaps a fired employee?

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Anonymous said...

Didn't something somewhere say it was a tip from someone at the bank who noticed lots of transactions inconsistent with the salary of the Secretary of State position?
Kayla Krattiger in Española